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Save your dates of an art-calendar of constant recovery

FEANTSA Eu conference: from Bergamo 2014 to Paris 2015

FIADDA supports accessible culture at 32° TFF

Outputs of the workshop at FEANTSA 2014 conference in Bergamo

The uncanny 2015: a short film on psychoanalysis out of known niche

Thomas Frank, David Graeber & Rutger Bregman: other impressive contributions on AoB page

Results & outputs of Multipolis workshop: Malmö (SE) 2006

A great little story of ordinary dignity and abominable shame

new materials from Evelyn Glennie on AoB page

Results & outputs of Multipolis workshop: Wien (AT) 2006

new materials from Michele Lancione on AoB pages

Save the date: Nov. 21 & 28 free Multipolis sessions in Padova

Multipolis Laboratory “kids are allright” @ Fioccardo Kindergarten

Results & outputs of Multipolis workshops “Social networking strategies & methodology in the relation of care”

E=mc2 Bibliography & web

E=mc2 chapter 25 Conclusions & principles

E=mc2 chapter 24 Net positions

E=mc2 chapter 23 The socks philosophy

E=mc2 chapter 22 Charming interpretations from the land of poets

E=mc2 chapter 21 Innovative back in the 90s

AoB new page & new materials

E=mc2 chapter 20 The other in me drinks thee, or the grammar of desire

E=mc2 chapter 19 Crisis, whatever it means

E=mc2 chapter 18 The later, the louder

E=mc2 chapter 17 May your chains sit lightly upon you

E=mc2 chapter 16 Avoiding the trap: when more is not necessarily the better

E=mc2 chapter 15 what one can really say about reality

E=mc2 chapter 14 A cultural position

E=mc2 Chapter 13 E=mc2

E=mc2 chapter 12 Nothing is absolute, but certain

E=mc2 chapter 11 On reciprocity

E=mc2 chapter 10 The illusion of neutrality

E=mc2 chapter 9 The impact of silent rank onto people positions

E=mc2 chapter 8 Ideas without substance

E=mc2 chapter 7 invariable absolutes: ether, economy, efficiency

E=mc2 chapter 5 Re-visions

E=mc2 chapter 6 Individuality, identity, innovation, chronicity. A short story

E=mc2 chapter 4 nothing is a case: from Plato to Aristotle, from master Oogway to Jedi knights

E=mc2 chapter 3 our ancestor, or the circularity of communication

E=mc2 chapter 2 introducing the position of the experienced beginner

E=mc2 chapter 1 principles

E=mc2 intro & index

"E=mc2 a metaphorical journey through the evolution of physics to deepen the relation of care" - the abstract now available

more docs available

FEANTSA 2014 Conference in Bergamo, 24/25 Oct

Employment working group, FEANTSA meeting in London

the 3 Multipolis training sessions in Trentino Province are over