E=mc2 chapter 24 Net positions

Here it is the chapter 24 "Net positions".
Focusing on the net results involves the consideration of the way to reach them. A general misconception identifies the result with the sole goals, tending to reach them by any means necessary. In care-work, means are part of the goal themselves, just as we are part of the context.
The point is if the results are congruent with the given aims & goals. The point is to whom they belong, if to individuals-in-need or to self-maintaining the structure. For this I consider thought-provoking to always look at the positions & movements of anyone taking the floor. I consider interesting to see what part each actor is taking. 
When analysing the evolution of a relation of care, it is interesting to imagine the various positions as dots on white paper, & follow their movements. The dots, once connected, usually are quite evocative.
Having the courage & the curiosity to connect the dots looking backward lead to learn how to draw an inner portrayal.
In my work, I always like to remember that without questioning our own inner dots to define our positions & movements, it is hard to become part of any solution.  
If one is not participating to the solutions, it is usually part of the problem. This is part of the reasons for which I consider so important to consider the net positions .....

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