E=mc2 Chapter 13 E=mc2

Here it is the chapter 13 "E=mc2".
Einstein's formula is quite known: E = m c 2. In the formula, 'E' is the energy, 'm' is the mass, & 'c' is the speed of light.
It is dimensionally consistent, & does not depend on any specific system of measurement. 
In physics, the formula is known as the concept of mass/energy.
As this formula applies to the universe, it might as well be applied to care work.
I developed this metaphorical approach to foster my trainees to a wider interpretation of the complex issue of working with a person-in-need. I call it the "relatively special approach": the Essence of a person can be seen as the product of the Multiple aspect of its own personality & the Context in which the person lives in ...
Chapter 10 "The illusion of neutrality" will be available within a couple of days at most. As part of the entire working paper, this chapter is as well available in free download under Creative Commons BY-NC-ND (Attribution, Noncommercial, No Derivative).


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