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the state of the art on where supervisions lead me

It is one of those points which are deep fixed in my attitude & opinion: to foster visibilityto all those services, teams, educatorsandprofessionalswithwhom I workaroundItaly.
SoI decided to createa map where my supervisions& group-work sessions have different colours so to differenciate them between the active(in green), thosetemporarilysuspended(in yellowocher) &the concluded(in red).

tips to do it right with social economy

During last monthsI haveparticipatedas an external expertin the projectofinternational cooperation"LocalEconomy DevelopmentTowardsIntegratedSupport &InclusionofUnemployedin theCyclades Prefecture."

upcoming news on Eu projects funding opportunities

Things are moving concerning Eu funds for the next year deadlines & priorities.
There are interesting new opportunities that I like to share about Eu fundings, & which I suggest to take note .
Here are a brief overview of the main news, calls for proposal, updates in the programme guides, & publications.