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Outputs of the workshop at FEANTSA 2014 conference in Bergamo

On friday 24 october 2014 I had the pleasure to contribute to the FEANTSA 2014 european conference by co-conducting with Jaana Watt the workshop “Sustainable employability pathways for people experiencing homelessness: myth or reality?”.  The workshop was coordinated by Liz Gosme from FEANTSA & chaired by Peter Bakos from Refomix Hu.

The uncanny 2015: a short film on psychoanalysis out of known niche

It is a great pleasure for me to share & promote this little, bright gem.
"Das Heimlich - The Uncanny 2015" is a 6minutes short film on the theme of psychoanalysis. It is about psychoanalysis on its everlasting way of being out of the niche. Exploring the unknown. Out of usual scheme.

Thomas Frank, David Graeber & Rutger Bregman: other impressive contributions on AoB page

Other impressive contributions are now available on the AoB page.  These essays, researches & speech are my contribution to circulate & improve the debate on what is considered innovation in social fields, on how to succeed in ending homelessness, on how to improve employability, on basic income.

Results & outputs of Multipolis workshop: Malmö (SE) 2006

Looking at the some hundreds readers of Multipolis sessions outputs, it seems they are of some interest. I am on the way for the workshop during the FEANTSA conference in Bergamo on Friday 24 November. On this path to Bergamo, I propose another witness of a workshop session that took place during the last international meeting of project CATCH Creative Approach To Combating Homelessness(Eu project co-funded by DG Social Affair n. VS/2002/010/J37 0/26).

A great little story of ordinary dignity and abominable shame

There is a great little story that I think it deserves to be told. It's a great little story of ordinary dignity & abominable shame that takes place in Turin, Piedmont. Here a group of parents got involved with a selves-direct activation to protect the rights of their children with sensorial disabilities (deaf, hear-impaired & blind minors). They had to learn, organize & advocate against the city-Government Hall, the Regional Board, or both.

new materials from Evelyn Glennie on AoB page

There are people around us who are truly special.
Since I read & heard Evelyn Glennie's thoughts on listening, deafness & hearing impairment, I knew she is such a person. Dame Evelyn Glennie is well known as the first full-time solo percussionist in the 20th century and perhaps even all of history.
Her life is a story worth exploring, her words are extraordinary.

Results & outputs of Multipolis workshop: Wien (AT) 2006

I am happy & proud to see some hundreds of readers showing their interest for Multipolis outputs; so I thought it is time to re-published some old sessions results, starting with one of the earlier.
The workshop took place in Vienna (AT) on 17th March 2006, during the international seminar The needs of homeless women, part of the project CATCH Creative Approach To Combating Homelessness (Eu project co-funded by DG Social Affair n. VS/2002/010/J37 0/26). The workshop theme was Facing homeless women.

new materials from Michele Lancione on AoB pages

I found a couple of articles from Michele Lancione very impressive on the themes of homelessness; I felt all should read, comments with feedback & debate, so I linked them directly from my AoB page.
Both texts are in English. - How is homelessness? Objects, codes & poetry to re-imagine homelessnessEntanglements of faith: discourses, practices of care & homeless people in an Italian city of Saints.

Save the date: Nov. 21 & 28 free Multipolis sessions in Padova

Two days of MultiPolis sessions will take place in Padova on friday 21 & 28 November within the programme of the project "La rete per la rete (A network for networkers)". The project has been developed by the Association Noi sulla Strada (we on the street): it aims to offer several events to deepen the phenomenon of social exclusion throughmutual exchange, collaborative debates & training sessions open to citizens as well as professional.