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Healthiness workshop - day 4: all day final section on digital storytelling

The last day of the Healthnic workshop saw an all-day final working session where participants developed their Digital Storytelling videos on the values, meanings and possibilities offered by setting food and healthy diet as a common ground to facilitate mutual recognition, respect, dignity and integration.

Healthiness workshop - day 3: tasting healthy diet with local products

The 3rd day of the Healthnic workshop is dedicated to deepen how an healthy diet, both on daily and weekly basis, can be enriched in term of variety and taste from the use of local products. We ask to local farmers and community-based organizations to present their work, specifically concerning the how-to empower local farmers.

Healthiness workshop - day 2: discovering spices & flavors

Second day of the Healthnic workshop in Torre Pellice. The day has been dedicated to the discovery and rediscovery of spices and their hidden flavors. After the colleagues from Diciannove gave an introduction to the spices and their qualities, all participants played with consonants and dissonances of flavors, such as sweet, salty, bitter, sour ...

Healthnic workshop, flavors and tastes to incorporate a territory- day 1

Despite a terrible rain-storm, the atmosphere was warm at the first day of the healthic workshop held by Diciannove in Torre Pellice (To).

"i dig stories" best project of the year

the project "I dig stories - stories educational learning facilities" ( has been labeled as best practice of the year by Indire, the Italian National Agency of the Erasmus + program. 

Healthnic feeds you up

HEALTHNIC: Healthy and ethnic diet for inclusion” is a project funded under Erasmus+ program where we lead group-work sessions open to migrants, refugees and local vulnerable people.  Their direct and active involvement as individuals with different cultural backgrounds in activities such as cooking/language/ICT learning opens up a process of mutual empowerment and sharing of experiences, which in itself inspires inclusion.

care of care givers ... new path starting ...

We are ready. On Monday 16th July, a new chapter of the "care of the care givers" project begins, with which we will support and supervise the colleagues of the refugee program in the province of Cuneo.
We will offer our care to all the diverse professionals who take care of implementing real support and inclusion paths for asylum seekers and refugees in Cuneo Province.

keep in touch .... following the GDPR

dear reader, you might know that from 25th May 2018 the European GDPR -General Data Protection Regulation UE 2016/679 is coming to a complete application in all Eu countries. For this reason I need to inform you that I can only email you if you let me know you want to stay in touch. I would like to be able to stay in touch with you & let you know about what I am up to from training & group-work sessions, to research & advocacy work, to the publications & opportunities to collaborate & share.