Healthiness workshop - day 3: tasting healthy diet with local products

The 3rd day of the Healthnic workshop is dedicated to deepen how an healthy diet, both on daily and weekly basis, can be enriched in term of variety and taste from the use of local products. We ask to local farmers and community-based organizations to present their work, specifically concerning the how-to empower local farmers. 

We focus on the connection between the re-discover of local traditional and healthy ingredients, the strengthen of local community, the economical positive feedback of a healthy and wealthy territory, the benefit of a balanced diet, the re-interpretation of traditional recipes dedicated to the fundamental re-use of alimentar left-overs. After these debates and share, we all cooked together, combining left-overs with potatoes from the mountains producers, ending up in a tasty dinner with 5 different colorful version of the traditional "gnocchi" (potato dumpling).
Quoting Francois de la Rochefaucauld, "eating is a basic need, but tasty and clever eating is a work of art".

If you want to know more, visit the project's platform at and download the guide to learn how to build and run an Healthnic workshop here:


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