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fifth videos from iDigStories: Paths

The video "Paths" is a creation of Eugenia Kolia, a colleague from Vardakeios School for Indigent Children as part  of the series developed in Budapest in early April 2016 during the training event on Digital Story Telling. The video tells the story on how we move to find our own dimension, in a place where we are fit to live a colorful and enriching life.

Metaphors, meanings & perspectives from the “over-”world & from the “inner”-world

There is a notion well established in the holistic analysis of reality, which assigns to the culture and society a primary role in the definition of the meanings of the existence. There are social and cultural filters that determine which elements might strain and become accepted, and which have to be stopped, moved elsewhere, removed.

Forth video release from the i Dig Stories project - A day in Iceland

The video "A day in Iceland" is a creation of  Krzysztof Ciapala , a colleague from Danmar Computers. It is part of the series developed in Budapest in early April 2016 during the training event on Digital Story Telling.

third release iDigStories: The Friend that I didn't choose

Third release from the Digital Stories made in Budapest 2016. The video "The Friend that I didn't choose" is a creation of Christelle Loukitch, a colleague from Vardakeios.  The video tells the story of the ups and downs of a lifelong relationship with an unexpected friend. It is a story of passions, perseverance and patience. A story about friendship. It shows how integration and inclusion can become real through the magic of sharing music and culture.

second release iDigStories: a family tradition

Second release from the videos which resulted from the Budapest training on Digital Story Telling. The video was produced by Anna Ponte, staff member of Diciannove s.c. A family tradition  is a  familiar memory, a delicate story who brings us back to the WWII and the fascist regime in Italy. It ‘s a digital story about courage, resourcefulness, endurance. 

tips & apps for a real 360° communication

It sounds almost obvious if we say that we live in the age of technology & communication, & in a liquid world.  Yet the use & application of technology in the life & communication with/between the people is not always so obvious.  When communication are with or between deaf individuals is all but  obvious. Technology is making great steps in its continuous evolution, both in term of cochlear implants & digital systems, & in developing apps for both speaking & signing hear-impaired individuals.