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Hearing loss & deafness between rights, talks & facts

On Friday 11 & Saturday 12 a major conference of audiology will be held in Turin, with an interesting title, "Senti chi parla (Hear who's talking)", a two days conference with a clear & interesting programme offering a series of specific speeches (for the complete program see here). Participation is free. Some topics are well worth the attention, specially for Italian parents of deaf children.

the state of the art on where supervisions lead me

It is one of those points which are deep fixed in my attitude & opinion: to foster visibilityto all those services, teams, educatorsandprofessionalswithwhom I workaroundItaly.
SoI decided to createa map where my supervisions& group-work sessions have different colours so to differenciate them between the active(in green), thosetemporarilysuspended(in yellowocher) &the concluded(in red).

tips to do it right with social economy

During last monthsI haveparticipatedas an external expertin the projectofinternational cooperation"LocalEconomy DevelopmentTowardsIntegratedSupport &InclusionofUnemployedin theCyclades Prefecture."

upcoming news on Eu projects funding opportunities

Things are moving concerning Eu funds for the next year deadlines & priorities.
There are interesting new opportunities that I like to share about Eu fundings, & which I suggest to take note .
Here are a brief overview of the main news, calls for proposal, updates in the programme guides, & publications.

Starting from Adam & Eve

Cominciamo da Adamo ed Eva (Starting from Adam & Eve) is an event I am honoured to share with you. There will be readings, musical sketches & various suggestions to raise awareness on the reality of violence within the familiar relationships, to recall a forgotten memory, to think & note new questions on the complexity of the relational dynamics.

crisis: at what cost?

There are many waysof looking at things, beginning from the analysis & ending to the resulting narration. Usually, narration is supposed tosupportthe reality. Whenthe narrationreplacesreality, there can beproblems.

i dig stories: project summary available on commission webpage

The abstract of the newly funded project "i DIG stories - Stories Educational Learning Facilities" is now available on the Eu Commission webpage.

the care for the care givers. A project, three groupwork opportunities of care

Some words are almost magical. We think that the word “care” is one of them. It is an ancient term, with a deep meaning: its original term was the latin Cura(m), which evolved in “care” and in “cure”. The latin original meanings are thought, care, but also anxiety and shortness of breath. The entire universe of care is already condensed within its etymology.

the care of the care givers: young psychologists

Our care of the care givers progremme involves the activation of a group dedicated to young colleagues & psychologists.The supervision & the continuous deepen of the care dynamics represent a substantial moment of the training and continuous improvement to balance professional and humane care of those who chose care as a profession.

in care of the care givers: social workers & educators

The care of the care givers project includes a group dedicated to social workers, nurses, educators. This group aims to develop a process of re-discovery of the correspondance between having care of the external scenario & the inner world.

the care of the care givers: the experience of parenting a deaf/disable child

The act of giving care, of caring is a substantial aspect of parenting. It is even more substancial when the child is deaf, or disabled. This is the reason behind th activation of a dedicated group of care for the care givers to support the experience of parenting a deaf or disable child.

Fathers and grief: a conversation on raising a child with hearing loss

This is a re-post of an interview that Krystyann Krywko published on her blog in late summer. I re-post it to give to Krystyann more visibility as possible.

"i DIG stories" project funded !

the project "i DIG stories - Stories Educational Learning Facilities" scored 95/100 during the evaluation procedures & it has been funded under Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnerships for adult education.

stories of the street

Sometimeswe forget the importance of thepassions, the relevance & significations of all the partsofa story(both individual & collective) that recall, certify & renew theexistence. I have in mind the project "stories of the street" since many years. It has been an idea before being a project.

No more silence: one ... two ... three ... .. it's your turn to stand out

We love stories, especially those with an happy ending. We hope that this will soon be.
Like all stories, this one started with the requests for help from some parents of deaf children & with the discovery of the competition "natiperproteggere" (born2protect) where you have to: identify a history of protection, build up a project, submit; between all the received projects, 8 will be selected for the final rush. For now, we hope to be a petal of the rose.

Results & outputs of Multipolis workshop: Padova 2015

Since a couple of years, I am collaborating with the association Noi sulla strada (we on the streets) in Padova. Sometime it happens to find groups where a certain climate & atmosphere of deep & profound share happens since the first time.

Kids with hearing loss: research findings from the view of academic, practitioner, parent, & consumer

I am deeply convinced that the individuals we look after, the persons we address our care, are infact the true subjects of care. I am following this principle since years, having the chance to transfer it intovarious professional experiences of community projects focusing on active participations. 

mothering yourself through your child disability

it is just assuming the risk of stroking the bottom of the unknown that one may discover the beauty of the new

dédié à tous: il est juste en caressant le fond de l'inconnu que vous pouvez découvrir l'émerveillement de la nouvelle

Feantsa 2015 Eu Conference "Key steps to connect communities to Europe"

On my way to find some time to update with some new activities & materialsthatwill soon beavailable(photos & results of theworkshop heldin Paduain March, the researchforthe EuropeanObservatoryonHomelessness, along with somenewdocuments & a new Multipolis website), I take this opportunityto remind& strongly suggest theFeantsa 2015 European Conference"Keysteps toconnectcommunitiesto Europe", that will take place inParis on 18, 19 and 20 June.

A gloomy portrait: a look at the Italian scenario within its policies, opportunities & poverty

My participation to the FEANTSA employment working group requires the data & impact analysis of policies targeting people experiencing social exclusion both at the national & European level. The data so far-collected enlightens a general & gloomy framework. At the same time, a picture of disarming clarity emerges when defining the performance & the italian national prospects.

Results & outputs of Multipolis workshop "Social accompaniment for women experiencing homelessness", Torino (IT) 2007

The post on outputs of Multipolis workshop in Udine is closed to 3.000 viewers. While I am preparing the outputs from the last-week sessions in Padova, new posts are on the way to celebrate this interest.

Admin eu prog: orientering tips: NGOs & non-profit organizations

NGOs, as well as all organizations of the non-profit universe can access direct Eu funds. Those funds are managed by the various programme's Executive Agencies or by the diverse National Agencies.
Developing a European project requires specific competences, which I identify at the following levels:

Admin eu prog: orientering tips for public entities

Public entities can access both forms of Eu funding opportunities: direct and indirect funds.
In general terms, Public entities have to success the goals of general interest connected to EU2020 strategy: increase institutional efficiency, improve the quality of public services & the utility of infrastructure... Almost all areas of interest of a public administration are covered.

Admin Eu projects: orienteering tips: presentation

Approaching European funds means confronting with various levels of complexity, which it is worth to keep in mind: the knowledge of the possibilities offered by available European funds, both for public institutions, profit entities & NGOsthe skills & competence to approach, develop & manage Eu funds successfullythe adoption of methodologies & tools that facilitate the whole process

singing deafness

beside endless discussions, i believe everybody can read, speak, dream, sign, sing ... all different, all humans ...
the video, the music, the words ... another brick: find it all here(

Admin Eu projects tools: part 2

More documents & tools are available on the forthcoming deadlines of the Erasmus+ programme.
Specifically, I recommend the followings:
guidance notes with detailed information on completing the application forms & submitting applications for funding on Youth Key Action 1, 2 & 3 are available here:

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Admin Eu projects tools: part 1

thinks are moving … the new year takes along some interesting highlights relating to Eu funds. the Erasmus+Programme Guide for the 2015General Call for Proposals is availablethe free linguisticsupport service for participants in Erasmus+ long-term mobility is available online in German, Spanish, English, French, Italian & Dutch