Feantsa 2015 Eu Conference "Key steps to connect communities to Europe"

On my way to find some time to update with some new activities & materials that will soon be available (photos & results of the workshop held in Padua in March, the research for the European Observatory on Homelessness, along with some new documents & a new Multipolis website), I take this opportunity to remind & strongly suggest the Feantsa 2015 European Conference "Key steps to connect communities to Europe", that will take place in Paris on 18, 19 and 20 June.

Background of the conference: 
Social Europe consists of two fundamental dimensions: 
  1. the political arena in Brussels with all its institutional & non-institutional players
  2. the transnational political arena which spans 28 EU countries regularly bringing together social practitioners to exchange innovative policies/practices.
There are currently two new emerging trends: on the one hand, the new Eu Commission (who just started a 5-year mandate on 1st November 2014) declared the wish to get closer to local communities & citizens, to show the relevance of its work in their daily lives; on the other hand, experts in the field of homelessness are increasingly interested in Brussels & neighbouring countries, always on the lookout for solutions & innovation.
The 2015 conference has the following main objectives:
  1. support policy & practice in the field of homelessness, with a focus on social service/policy innovation
  2. link local realities to different Eu policy/legal frameworks, demonstrating where synergies exist already & reflecting on potential synergies
  3. provide space for the emergence of new transnational dynamics through organised networking hotspots
More infos are available in the programme & in the registration form:

For any further detail, you can contact Feantsa directly here: information@feantsa.org


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