words, perspective, accent, a look & change

Physics teaches us that even the most complicated things always have something simple, and that simplicity reveals a profound complexity at the same time.
The words one exchanges, the accents and the perspective from which one looks, reads and / or hears, they all contribute.
I like to think that words, by their nature, are lent. As it often happens, the people we work with or that we meet, bring words that are lent to us, and that lend themselves to say something of what they express.
The wonder of the words is that, in the passage from one speaker to another, everyone appropriates it.

I am fascinated by the double nature of words, their arrival as a loan of the thoughts and emotions of those who speak to us, and at the same time their being returned to give voice to our internal world, to play, to thought, to seduction, to reflection. It is words and language that open up to the mystery of what happens and how the relations are structured. Words tell stories, speak to us, and raise a veil over the person who places himself or herself in front of the other.

Just an accent, a look and /or a perspective, and the signifier generates a new magic. To live and share.


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