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Results & outputs of Multipolis workshop: Padova 2015

S ince a couple of years, I am collaborating with the association Noi sulla strada (we on the streets) in Padova. Sometime it happens to find groups where a certain climate & atmosphere of deep & profound share happens since the first time .

Kids with hearing loss: research findings from the view of academic, practitioner, parent, & consumer

I am deeply convinced that the individuals we look after, the persons we address our care , are infact the true subjects of care. I am f ollowing this pri nciple since years, having the chance to transfer it into v arious professional experiences of community projects focusing on active participations . 

mothering yourself through your child disability

it is just assuming the risk of stroking the bottom of the unknown that one may discover the beauty of the new dédié à tous: il est juste en caressant le fond de l'inconnu que vous pouvez découvrir l'émerveillement de la nouvelle

Feantsa 2015 Eu Conference "Key steps to connect communities to Europe"

On my wa y to find some time t o update with some new activities & materials that will soon be available ( photos & results of the workshop held in Padua in March , the research for the European Observatory on Homelessness , along with some new documents & a new Multipolis website ) , I take this opportunity to remind & strongly suggest the Feantsa 2015 European Conference " K ey steps to connect communities to Europe" , that will take place in Paris on 18 , 19 and 20 June .