how to

"... there are some people who are wise enought to see the snow when it is falling, to smell the wood which is burning ... " Andrei Makine
Some knoweldge are fixed for the entire life. Between others, one is particularly signifcant: the way we do is part of the results themselves.The do part, exactly as the do not part, are two ways of doing, and they represent what give structure and means to the goals, aims, objects and results.
The "how to" of my work is based on various parts, which are bound together with reciprocity and complementarity: the methodology, the vision, the activities, the results and the impact lay side by side.

My collaboration with various organisations both in Italy and Europe allows me to verify some factors which are peculiar and significant to me, in order to choose both the partnership and the collaborations, defining each time the conditions.
This pro-choice attitude represents to me the practical and pragmatical application of a basic principle of my working conditions: the social solidarity In this way, reasonable fees (as for consultancy and collaboration with organisations) go together with low-cost or simbolica fees (as for the weaker part of the population and some associations), and with pro-bono interventions (as for the most vulnerables).
This is my personal application of the principle of solidarity, which is usually translate, and many times abused, with the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility.
It represents my personal contribution toward a more inclusive society, run under different values than the pure economical ones, in order to allow to benefit also all the ones who are usually excluded because of the economical issues.
Because to me, the way we do something is basic in the definition of the means connected with the results.


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