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stories of the street - part I - Berlin 1989-1998

I have always loved to travel. Both in my personal & professional life I have the luck to often move, to meet people, to smell new odors, to taste unknown aromas & flavors, to find my curiosity at every street corner. I have always been fascinated by what the stories of the streets, by the signs that history leaves on its skin. Since I ever remember, I started to take pictures of the skin of the world, as I like to think.

A look at the limit - learning from the experience of clinical work with childhood disability (Notes from the seminar of dr. Simona Daneo & dr. Michela Fiore)

There are patients who teach.  The road is not given.  In its place, there is only one path. A process. An exciting start of an intensive seminar, deep, experienced and felt to the limit between the clinical professional look, and the one of the father who moves within the same field.
A day which has been intense, and deep. A look that becomes a see, and a possibility to say something to the limit, of the limit and above the limit.

Generativity: manage it! Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnership

The project "Generativity: manage it!" focus on a specific methodological reference: generativity describes a self-contained system from which its user draws an independent ability to create, generate, implement or produce new content unique to that system without additional help or input from the system's original creators. While waiting for project to officially start in September, we are proud to present it, using this post as a very images to represent it: a cup filled with gems, flowers & small pomegranates.

Sketches from FEANTSA conference in Bruxelles

The European conferences that FEANTSA host once a year are always a moment of confrontation, exchange & debate. The 2-days conference is build upon the sequence between study visits (usually the first day), plenary sessions & dedicated workshop. It is a time & an opportunity to meet people, receive inputs during the various working sessions, develop & implement the arising thoughts & suggestions. For some flight-delays, I missed the whole first day of the 2016 edition. Since my first conference, I develop my way to attend: to share & collect suggestions, talks, inputs during the conference; after some days, I see what can be built out of them.

new "i dig stories" videos available: My watch, Rolling with the punches, My dream workplace, My fear of Flying

The new videos from the project "i dig stories" are available.
As usual on each new Monday, also in the last three weeks, three new videos have been published on the project website, & on the various dedicated social (Facebook, LinkedIn, google+). 

fifth videos from iDigStories: Paths

The video "Paths" is a creation of Eugenia Kolia, a colleague from Vardakeios School for Indigent Children as part of the series developed in Budapest in early April 2016 during the training event on Digital Story Telling. The video tells the story on how we move to find our own dimension, in a place where we are fit to live a colorful and enriching life.

Metaphors, meanings & perspectives from the “over-”world & from the “inner”-world

There is a notion well established in the holistic analysis of reality, which assigns to the culture and society a primary role in the definition of the meanings of the existence.
There are social and cultural filters that determine which elements might strain and become accepted, and which have to be stopped, moved elsewhere, removed.

Forth video release from the i Dig Stories project - A day in Iceland

The video "A day in Iceland" is a creation of Krzysztof Ciapala, a colleague from Danmar Computers.
It is part of the series developed in Budapest in early April 2016 during the training event on Digital Story Telling.

third release iDigStories: The Friend that I didn't choose

Third release from the Digital Stories made in Budapest 2016. The video "The Friend that I didn't choose" is a creation of Christelle Loukitch, a colleague from Vardakeios. The video tells the story of the ups and downs of a lifelong relationship with an unexpected friend. It is a story of passions, perseverance and patience. A story about friendship. It shows how integration and inclusion can become real through the magic of sharing music and culture.

second release iDigStories: a family tradition

Second release from the videos which resulted from the Budapest training on Digital Story Telling. The video was produced by Anna Ponte, staff member of Diciannove s.c. A family tradition is a familiar memory, a delicate story who brings us back to the WWII and the fascist regime in Italy. It ‘s a digital story about courage, resourcefulness, endurance.

tips & apps for a real 360° communication

It sounds almost obvious if we say that we live in the age of technology & communication, & in a liquid world. Yet the use & application of technology in the life & communication with/between the people is not always so obvious. When communication are with or between deaf individuals is all but  obvious. Technology is making great steps in its continuous evolution, both in term of cochlear implants & digital systems, & in developing apps for both speaking & signing hear-impaired individuals.

Video out now: welcome to the realm of Digital Story Telling

Everyone from the iDigStories staff is proud to launch the first one of the videos produced in our project. The video represents an introduction & welcome to the Digital Story Telling methodology of work. It is a meta-narration that will accompany the viewers in the magical realm of Digital Story Telling, as we directly experienced and learnt during the Join-Staff-Training-Event that took place in Budapest in early April 2016.

iDigStories: training event on DST in Budapest has just finished ...

A part of the project i Dig Stories concerns the training of staff members of the participating organizations on the method, praxis and the "how-to" of Digital Story Telling in group-work sessions and workshops. The 5 days training event in Budapest on Digital Story Telling has just finished.

guidance & opportunities on eu funding

The intense period of project management is still increasing, with news guidelines, calls & opportunities made available. After the posts of previous weeks on the new priorities of the 2016 Erasmus+ programme targeting refugees & vulnerable groups (read them here), & on the new calls from the Justice program targeting Roma population, minors & victims of violence (read the post here), there are interesting updates worth sharing.

building new challenges

While new calls & deadlines are out on the floor (see bottom resume for updates), the process of building new projects is on going between the Municipalities of  Halmstad (Sweeden), Collegno (It) with municipality & Health Dept., Bielefeld (De) & Barsov (Ro). Others might join in on the way.

2016 Erasmus+ targeting on refugees & vulnerable groups

Following the various initiatives of the Eu Commission regarding the management of reception of asylum seekers & refugees, the 2016 Erasmus+ has a particular focus on supporting active policies targeted to refugees & other marginalized & vulnerable groups.

i Dig Stories: digital story telling to regain dignity & make history

i Dig Stories aims to merge the new digital educational tools with the amusement for the discovery of the emotional & creative groups dynamics, which allow the participants to emerge from their condition of social invisibility. We truly believe that giving back dignity to individuals is a basic & substancial step to build up any possible pathway to social changes & inclusion.

"I dig stories - stories educational learning facilities" is now online

the project "I dig stories - stories educational learning facilities", funded under Erasmus+ learning partnership, is officially online with its very first project output. The platform is available at:
The platform will become more & more interactive with the implementation of the project activities.

new research out now: Local Connection Rules & Access to Homelessness Services in Eu

The new year starts with a new publication on homelessness. During last year I had the honor to collaborate to the research of the EOH - Eu Observatory on Homelessness. The research deepens the issue of local connection criteria in the access to the variety of services open to people experiencing homelessness around Eu.