building new challenges

While new calls & deadlines are out on the floor (see bottom resume for updates), the process of building new projects is on going between the Municipalities of  Halmstad (Sweeden), Collegno (It) with municipality & Health Dept., Bielefeld (De) & Barsov (Ro). Others might join in on the way.

The project will focus on the skills & competences related to the experience of parenthood; the implementation of analysis, diagnosis, prognosis & praxis is the field of this challenge.

Meanwhile, here are some new calls out now & deadlines:
VT/2015/025 Support for developing better country knowledge on public administration and institutional capacity building
VT/2015/067 Preparatory action: "Social Solidarity for social integration" 
VP/2015/006 EaSI-EURES: Targeted mobility scheme - Your first EURES job

Erasmus+ :
KA1: Mobility of individuals, Learning mobility of individuals, Youth - 26 April 2016
KA2: Co-operation for innovation and the exchange of good practices, Strategic partnerships, Higher education, vocational education and training, schools, adult education, and applications for strategic partnerships in more than one field including youth - 31 March 2016
KA2: Co-operation for innovation and the exchange of good practices, Youth 26 April 2016
KA3: Support for policy reform, Structured dialogue,  Youth 26 April 2016


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