MultiPolis is a role-play tool to favour learning & awareness raising through the experience of play.
MultiPolis is addressed to professionals, students & anyone working in the social field who wish to experience what's behind themes as social, education, pedagogy, etc … through a self-experience of the differences inside the relation-of-care.
Participants experience the relation of care from various perspectives & points of view, as institutions, organisations, case studies & social worker's role itself.
MultiPolis allows to experience the dimensions & the various meanings that can be assumed by the relation & communication with the other, who is meant as an individual before being a patient, user or client.
The setting is a protected environment where it is possible to define a logical framework where the dimension of space & time allows to focus on what is really happening within the relation of care itself.
It aims to deepen the experience of the relation of care in order to help participants to deepen the dynamics, & to be able to express meanings related to the experience itself, the power games, the other positions.
The sharing & collective confrontation allows participants to share their experience, focusing on the main theme, with great care in handling prejudices, opinions, personal-judgements & emotions.
Multi-Polis adopts the methodology of role-play focusing on relational dynamics. 
  • is reproducible & transferable
  • is adaptable to different themes
  • adopts an holistic approach & a bottom-up perspective
  • is adaptable to supervision, training, seminars, conference
I use Multi-Polis since 2006 in training, supervisions & conferences in Italy & in Europe. As example, it was used during:
  • training financed by European Social Fund in Trent, Rovereto, Udine & Codroipo
  • supervisions in Turin, La Spezia, Rovereto, Trent, Vicenza, Padova
  • seminars in Turin, Verona, Bergamo,Trent, Rovereto, La Spezia, Padova, Vicenza
  • workshops in Vienna, Malmö, Turin, Verona, Saragozza, Padova, Vicenza, Trento
The dedicated Multipolis website contains a complete and comprehensive description of the tools, all instructions, workshop outputs, and comments from participants.

Multipolis has been registered under the Creative Commons by cc nc license (Attribution, Non Commercial, No Derivative works), in order to favour the dissemination and the free exchange of experiences.
Everyone is free to copy, use & disseminate the tool, following all the terms of the license, plus an additional one: share with all the community the workshop outputs, in order to foster the mutual exchange and the reciprocal learning.


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