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Remembering is a bit like daydreaming, and sometimes daydreaming is a bit like remembering

A few weeks ago, on 27th of January, for the International Remembrance Day, we explained to our kids what it meant to have the strict order to stay at home, without being able to go out except at scheduled times, with the ban on meeting people and gathering in public, even in those places which have always been considered public, as are cafes and parks. We spoke about the restriction related to activities of any kind, except for the supply of basic necessities and basic production, but only during the allowed hours. We remembered the queues in front of the few shops that remained open.

Silence, listening, sharing

Each group has its own history, dynamics, positions, movements and evolutions that define its uniqueness. From the whole to the parts and from the parts to the whole, in a continuous game of relationships, inter-relationships and correlations in which every moment says something about the group, of the group and its components. Living the experience of the groups is always a state of being in which the position of care opens to a multiplication, a sum of individualities that are made up in the group's discourse.

words, perspective, accent, a look & change

Physics teaches us that even the most complicated things always have something simple, and that simplicity reveals a profound complexity at the same time. The words one exchanges, the accents and the perspective from which one looks, reads and / or hears, they all contribute. I like to think that words, by their nature, are lent. As it often happens, the people we work with or that we meet, bring words that are lent to us, and that lend themselves to say something of what they express. The wonder of the words is that, in the passage from one speaker to another, everyone appropriates it.

one year LABC … one year together …

the 15th of February is LABC birthday … one year on the road … 6 Erasmus+ projects, 5 training courses, 5 supervision groups … a huge hug from all of us to all our partners, to participants to our group-work sessions, to all the beautiful individuals we met and did things together … a huge hug from all of us to all of you…

culture is ... culture and ...

What is culture, what is an encounter of cultures, what sense does it make and what can we do with the culture of encounter as with the encounter of cultures, by professionals as by bipeds, by simple humans who move in the encounter. I wrote these and other reflections and metaphors on culture for the CIT4VET project .