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2016 Erasmus+ targeting on refugees & vulnerable groups

Following the various initiatives of the Eu Commission regarding the management of reception of asylum seekers & refugees, the 2016 Erasmus+ has a particular focus on supporting active policies targeted to refugees & other marginalized & vulnerable groups. 

i Dig Stories: digital story telling to regain dignity & make history

i Dig Stories aims to merge the new digital educational tools with the amusement for the discovery of the emotional & creative groups dynamics, which allow the participants to emerge from their condition of social invisibility. We truly believe that giving back dignity to individuals is a basic & substancial step to build up any possible pathway to social changes & inclusion.

"I dig stories - stories educational learning facilities" is now online

the project "I dig stories - stories educational learning facilities", funded under Erasmus+ learning partnership, is officially online with its very first project output. The platform is available at:    The platform will become more & more interactive with the implementation of the project activities.

new research out now: Local Connection Rules & Access to Homelessness Services in Eu

The new year starts with a new publication on homelessness. During last year I had the honor to collaborate to the research of the  EOH - Eu Observatory on Homelessness . The research deepens the issue of local connection criteria in the access to the variety of services open to people experiencing homelessness around Eu.