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best wishes from all the professionals and partner organizations … with our greatest wishes of a happy learning and a happy new projects

six training modules on Project Cycle Management now available

only one more days to the launch of the six training modules on Project Cycle Management

Generativity project: only few days to receive the training modules on project cycle management....

the Erasmus+ 2018 Call published

Generativity project: available in free download bibliography on Project Cycle Management (PCM)

1st video from the Generativity project training on Project Cycle Management

The arrival at the end of a journey allows to dream the next steps & dig new stories...

Digital storytelling: guide + toolkit in free download

Generativity: 5 days event to test the training modules on PCM

Generativity workshop at FEANTSA European conference

... an update on the updates & news posts to come soon ...