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best wishes from all the professionals and partner organizations … with our greatest wishes of a happy learning and a happy new projects

All the staff and organizations of the Generativity project offer you the possibility to learn and develop your skills and competences in developing and implementing your project ideas in order to maximize the impact and help you to design effective and sustainable social and educational projects. The six training modules on Project Cycle Management that are available onlinehereare our way to wish you a very special learning and happy new projects. From January onward the downloadable version of each single module will be available on the project website here.

six training modules on Project Cycle Management now available

Together with the staff & organizations of the Generativity project, I am proud to launch the online version of the six training modules (IO2) on Project Cycle Management in the six project languages: English, Italian, Polish, Greek, Dutch and French.
The modules cover all the fundamental issues to lead you through a learning path to Project Cycle Management to strengthen the social and educational communities in a 2.0 environments. Our goal is to generate and support a wide new generation of third sector organizations int their path to the creation, development and implementation of sustainable and effective European projects. The modules are available hereand offer a multileveled learning path structured as:

only one more days to the launch of the six training modules on Project Cycle Management

Everything is ready for the launch of the six training modules on Project Cycle Management that will be out tomorrow on the Generativity website. From tomorrow onward everybody will find online the six training modules on Project Cycle Management in six languages: English, Italian, Polish, Greek, Dutch and French. The training modules focuses on all the issues which we consider as fundamental to learn how to develop your new project ideas in order to learn how to implement new effective and sustainable projects.

Generativity project: only few days to receive the training modules on project cycle management....

Just a few days are missing for the publication online of the training modules on Project Cycle Management that we have developed within the Generativity project. The partners implemented the six training modules out of the original concept that I developed some years ago with Federica Cadeddu.  The modules were tested with the project staff during a collective, intensive 5-days training event. After a precise evaluation conducted by Dave Oborne from EEC, we re-worked them in order to maximize their efficacy. Then the modules were divided among the most experienced project partners: Diciannove, Danmar Computers, Cardet, EEC, University of Thessaly, KEA. 

the Erasmus+ 2018 Call published

The deadlines, the application details & the 2018 Programme Guide of the Erasmus+ 2018 Call for Proposals are now available online on theE+website.The available documents are: the 2018 Erasmus+ Call for Proposals is the overview document with the deadlines for 2018the Erasmus+ Programme Guide contains detailed information on project rules, funding levels and application processes for Erasmus+ funding

Generativity project: available in free download bibliography on Project Cycle Management (PCM)

The Generativity project keeps going in its working process. It is now on line the bibliography based on the research on relevant literacy on Project Cycle Management (PCM) carried on by the project partners with more experience and skills, such as Diciannove, Cardet, EEC, Danmar, KEA and University of Thessaly in order to address the more innovative and efficient supports, tools and paths to PCM. The bibliography is the result of a desktop research and sharing of partners methodological references. Where possible, it offers the direct links to the authorised web reference.

1st video from the Generativity project training on Project Cycle Management

Generativity is a project to share skills & knowledge on writing, submitting & implementing effective & sustainable projects, offering bibliography, training modules, tutorials on PCM (Project Cycle Management), and updates on new calls.  So far we have produced six training modules on PCM:

The arrival at the end of a journey allows to dream the next steps & dig new stories...

The “I dig stories” project came to its conclusion. For all participating partners, it was a fantastic & wonderful adventure where we learned to use digital storytelling as a new method of work.  We’ve tested it on us & our colleagues. We have developed the first complete Guide to digital storytelling methodology. We applied the lesson-learnt in many workshop that partners run in several European countries. We received valuable advices from those who participated to the workshops.

We built the toolkit with these feedback, in order to foster the practical application of digital storytelling, so that others can develop & conduct their own digital storytelling workshops.

Digital storytelling: guide + toolkit in free download

The most practical way to realize the power & the potential of the digital storytelling, its effects on ourselves & on others, is to experience it. The project "I dig stories - stories educational learning facilities" offers a direct approach to the methodological & experiential view of digital storytelling. Digital storytelling is a wonderful narrative, plastic and flexible tool, adaptable and applicable to various different contexts such as educational, didactic, clinical and community work.

Generativity: 5 days event to test the training modules on PCM

the projectGENERATIVITY: MANAGE IT!keeps moving on in its implementation.
Between Monday 12th and Friday 16th June 2017 all project partners met in Syros (EL) for a Short-Term Joint Staff Training Activity.
These have been five days of training on Project Cycle Management, during which the participants tested the training modules on PCM that has been build in a draft beta version.
The training days are scheduled on a precise program: the more skilled partners chaired each day with the main theme of the day, while other partners will receive and validate the training and the lessons learnt. 

Generativity workshop at FEANTSA European conference

On may 18 Generativity project has been presented at the FEANTSA European conference in Gdansk (PL). The participants were conducted to the discovering of the basic principles of project cycle management. The Project Cycle Management is an approach to manage multiple projects or programs and to improve the quality of projects by learning from one project and applying the lessons in the following ones.

... an update on the updates & news posts to come soon ...

Recently, whether luckily or not, there were no time to update this blog. Within the new year, however, some novelties are to come, & at least a series of updates will soon follow on: what-where-how on the map of supervisions; news on current Eu projects; thoughts & suggestions arising from various seminars.