... an update on the updates & news posts to come soon ...

Recently, whether luckily or not, there were no time to update this blog.
Within the new year, however, some novelties are to come, & at least a series of updates will soon follow on: what-where-how on the map of supervisions; news on current Eu projects; thoughts & suggestions arising from various seminars.
I start with the updates on current Eu projects:
  • I dig stories - stories educational learning facilities: the implementation of the project is following the give calendar & gantt program. The methodological guide on digital storytelling is available in consultation & in free downloads. There are weekly publications of new videos produced by the partners during the workshops held in the different partner countries. Meanwhile, the group is working on to implement the toolkit: it will all the practical component & operational suggestions that was experienced & shared during the Eu workshops
  • "Generativity": the new project begun to take its first steps. After the opening meeting held in Turin with the presentation of the partnership and of the different phases of work and the corresponding allocation of mandates & operational responsibilities, the partners have begun to implementation of the project. The platform's beta version is already available with the presentation of what we intend to be generative; over the next few weeks the platform will be enriched with contributions & news
  • "Ideas2016" was a challenge that we decided to revive: about 15 years ago I was invited to a workshop on project-development in Bruxelles. Together with friends & colleagues of Diciannove & Danmar, we decided to pay homage to Dave, who had invited us years ago & made us met. Now it was our time to be generative & recreate a working group to develop projects for the upcoming years. The results of the ideas2016 workshop in Turin were significant: 19 participants, representing 14 companies from 12 Eu countries, who presented, discussed & developed almost 20 new projects. A huge thanks to those who continue to assume sharing & co-production as the basis for their ethics, pragmatic & operational of their professional acting.
Soon new posts will come offering some reflections from the following seminars:
  • "There was a time, when the time was not" has been a splendid occasion & a precious gift to open spaces for thoughts & suggestions on trans-generational dynamics; on family & familiarity; on the birth as a first adoption; on the institutions that institutionalizes or are generative; on paths self-recovery & recovery of the self; on the merging between externalization (separation) & intimacy, or the ''extimacy space"; on inheritance, transmission & acceptance of the deficiencies from which anyone can individuate & re-generate
  • in December the MultiPolis seminar of the association Noi sulla strada re-opened in Padova; the december seminar was full of interesting thoughts to share on: gender differences & the difficulty to recognize & admit the defensive stereotypes which anyone can be un-aware-bearers; on the distance between the inside & outside dimensions in the relation of care; on the boundaries of the roles with its related deficiencies; on assuming the relation as a tool &/or as a goal; on the institution's speech & the consequent positioning & reproduction for similarity, contrast or generativity
Last but not least, the update of the map of my interventions as supervisor, which sees the opening of new spaces for sharing in Piedmont, Veneto & Alto Adige. To discover these new fields of supervision, the nature of the services & the links to the organizations I work with, just open the new updated map.

Just as always, all the materials & documents (except if & where specified) are available under a Creative Commons license to allow the open & free share.


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