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Employment working group, FEANTSA meeting in London

My participation to the FEANTSA Employment working group dated back from 2006. Since then, a patient research & analysis on issues as exclusion, inclusion, poverty, homelessness, employment & policies of insertion into work have been done. Each of the 8 group members congregate twice a year to confront, share & analyse the national update, data & the evolution in the overall Eu scenario. This time the 2 days meeting was in London, hosted by Crisis Uk, a national charity for single homeless people, offering year-round education, employment, housing & well-being services. It is worth having some time for a visit and a contact, as Crisis is a charity doing amazingly good. To have more info, visit their website here:

the 3 Multipolis training sessions in Trentino Province are over

the 3 workgroup sessions addressed to professionals operating in the field of mental health are over. More details of the 3 sessions are available in Italian at Consolida website, together with the complete training agenda: taking in charge and the insertion into the service : Wednesday 29th January building the relation of care with the person with psychiatric needs and themanagement of eventual crisis : Wednesday 26th February the closing the programmes and the delicacy of the dismissal from theservice : Wednesday 16th April I want to thank all participants for their contributions, attention, disposability in sharing, & last but not least, for their constance. I would also to thank for their evaluation of the training