" the reward is the journey, not the destination " (chinese proverb)
The supervision aims to explore new visions, new analysis, new path of awareness-raising concerning social, professionals and personal dynamics around the relation of care.
Under such perspective, the supervision can move form the case-study analysis; from the internal dynamics within the group, the organisation or the institution; as from the general rules of functioning.
This is because there is a connection between the relational and communicative space and the inner world of each individual.

The group-dimension of the supervision is functional to foster the competence of the professional, concerning skills, praxis, emotional feedback and experiences.
My approach has a lot to do with my own personal experience of working with individuals and groups, from more than 15 years of close contact with what is so-called "social", into an open perspective which opens to meanings, confrontation, relations, chance to explore and say something on what is and belong-to the different points of view on what's individual, personal, political and of the policies.

Within this perspective, the group works in a protected environment where partipants meet themselves and the others within a logical and temporal framework where it becomes possible to focus on "what" is happening.
The framework is "logical", meaning the setting can be equally a close or an open space.

The supervisions work with groups that may vary: single teams, different teams working in the same field, individuals. it is the group dimension itself that operates to define a meta-space focused on the relation of care, on the desires, on the transference components which trascends the tipicity of the field of intervention. 

During the supervisions, participants experience the richness and the depth arising from the crossed contributions, from the share of different emotions and significations. This process allows to focus on the relation of care.

The methodology is based on a clinical supervision with an holistic approach to complexity, and deals on:
  • definition of the context arising from single case-studies
  • meaning and share of emotional experience coming from the relation of care
  • development of path of awareness raising concerning personal, group and transference dynamics through the use of role-play tools as Multipolis
  • methodological support to the team work
  • support and development of operational praxis under the principle of the integrates network of competences
  • analysis, share of critical situations, development of congruent responses to the needs of complex cases.
The methodology and the related instruments are those of classic clinical approach, of group work, of brainstorming and lateral thinking, of the shared development of a logical framework and anamnesis, of collective debate, to clinical and socio-pedagogical analysis of case-studies, also thorugh the use of  Multipolis as a practical tool to foster participation and sharing between participants.
The services where I work as supervisor are mutually consistent, yet they differ for their fields of intervent: street work & territorial educational services; support to children at risk & victims of violence; reintegration for former inmates; street-work units for homeless, Roma, refugees & asylum seekers; day-care centers; shelthers & community centers; residential, semi-residential & housing facilities; support for disable individuals & for persons with psychiatric diagnosis.
All these various services are run by marvellous professionals gathered in different teams who have something in common: the passion for the work, the commitment to offer paths to recovery, the will to share.
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