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Admin eu prog: orientering tips: NGOs & non-profit organizations

NGOs, as well as all organizations of the non-profit universe can access direct Eu funds. Those funds are managed by the various programme's Executive Agencies or by the diverse National Agencies. Developing a European project requires specific competences, which I identify at the following level s:

Admin eu prog: orientering tips for public entities

Public entities can access both forms of Eu funding opportunities: direct and indirect funds. In general terms, Public entities have to success the goals of general interest connected to EU2020 strategy: increase institutional efficiency, improve the quality of public services & the utility of infrastructure... Almost all areas of interest of a public administration are covered.

Admin Eu projects: orienteering tips: presentation

Approaching European funds means confronting with variou s levels of complexity, which it is worth to keep in mind: the knowledge of the possibilities offered by available European funds, both for public institutions , profit entities & NGOs the skills & competence to approach, develop & manage Eu funds successfully the adoption of methodologies & tools that facilitate the whole process