Admin Eu projects: orienteering tips: presentation

Approaching European funds means confronting with various levels of complexity, which it is worth to keep in mind:
  1. the knowledge of the possibilities offered by available European funds, both for public institutions, profit entities & NGOs
  2. the skills & competence to approach, develop & manage Eu funds successfully
  3. the adoption of methodologies & tools that facilitate the whole process
To respond adequately to these three main areas, together with Italian & European collegues, I developed an offered a series of proposals that align the cultural challenge of promoting a more transparent, responsible & competent use of European funds through a multiple action:
  1. providing some free tips for orientation in the European funds panorama:
    • a first post will be addressed to public bodies,
    • a second to private organizations, both profit & non-profit
  2. offering a structured training set & consultancy directly to interested organisation in order to target the better possible ratio between costs, benefits & impact on the culture & skills of the organization
  3. developing multiple collaborations with Italian & European partners to facilitate the exchange of practices & the acquisition of skills
Next post will offer tips for orientering within structural funds.
For any further information & collaboration, please refer to the contacts section of this blog


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