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i dig stories: project summary available on commission webpage

The abstract of the newly funded project "i DIG stories - Stories Educational Learning Facilities" is now available on the Eu Commission webpage.

the care for the care givers. A project, three groupwork opportunities of care

Some words are almost magical. We think that the word “care” is one of them. It is an ancient term, with a deep meaning: its original term was the latin Cura(m) , which evolved in “care” and in “cure”. The latin original meanings are thought, care, but also anxiety and shortness of breath. The entire universe of care is already condensed within its etymology.

the care of the care givers: young psychologists

Our care of the care givers progremme involves the activation of a group dedicated to young colleagues & psychologists. The supervision & the continuous deepen of the care dynamics represent a substantial moment of the training and continuous improvement to balance professional and humane care of those who chose care as a profession.

in care of the care givers: social workers & educators

The care of the care givers project includes a group dedicated to social workers, nurses, educators. This group aims to develop a process of re-discovery of the correspondance between having care of the external scenario & the inner world .

the care of the care givers: the experience of parenting a deaf/disable child

The act of giving care, of caring is a substantial aspect of parenting. It is even more substancial when the child is deaf, or disabled. This is the reason behind th activation of a dedicated group of care for the care givers to support the experience of parenting a deaf or disable child.

Fathers and grief: a conversation on raising a child with hearing loss

This is a re-post of an interview that Krystyann Krywko published on her blog in late summer. I re-post it to give to Krystyann more visibility as possible .