in care of the care givers: social workers & educators

The care of the care givers project includes a group dedicated to social workers, nurses, educators.
This group aims to develop a process of re-discovery of the correspondance between having care of the external scenario & the inner world.
The group-work sessions aim to increase the awareness of the participants in their professional experience through a praxis discussion, sharing & collective role-play which have been tested by conductors in Italy & around Europe over the last ten years with various actors of the so-called "social" universe. The group is open to discuss and deepen the relations & its forms, the ability to say something of what has to do with the individual, the personal, the political & policy scheme.
After years of experience as supervisors, consultant & trainer in various social services in different fields (social exclusion, disability, psychiatry, victims of violence, migrants, minorities), we wanted to offer a special form of care, we like to call it the care for the professional care givers. 
The grpoup will be involved in a path to explore & share new points of view, new analysis, criticism, opening up to what is different within the experience of giving care.
The group's work is structured in a protected environment where the participants can find a space & a logical time, to empower themselves, to focus on the "what" is happening in the relation of care. 
The group will experience the richness & depth that arise from the open confrontation & the act of sharing the differences, from the ability to experiment & deepen the emotional dynamics within an experiencial & methodological perspective.

How to participate
Even if it is not so probable that there will be participant from outside Torino, still these are the way to participate.
In case you are interested, but don't live close, you can build up your own group, & contact us to develop some intesive sessions together. The group will be activated starting from a minimum of 4 participants. In case of more than ten participants, new groups will be activated.To registration, please send an email with the subject "group social workers & educators" to with the following information: full name, email & phone contact.
You will be contacted as soon as possible to receive the first practical advice, together with our consent form, necessary to enter in the group.
Frequency: sessions will be held on a monthly basis & will last two hours each. As the alternation of the partners in participation would create discontinuity in the speech of the group, this will not be permitted. The participation of both partners to the same group is possible.


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