individual support

Individual support is a path of self awareness that a person may decide to undertake at some point in their lives .  
I develop a clinical Lacanian approach. It is declined following a grammar which is always new: it results from the needs, will and desires of the individual who decides to stake its own uniqueness.
Without ever being orthodox, a relational path is offered based on total confidentiality, unconditional respect and without any judgments.

It may happen that the dynamics of the care-work relation might lead to suppose that the psychologist knows.
It is a fantasy: in the reality of care-work, there is no definitive truth, but a story, a different and unique experience for everyone, which will be explored together.

The psychologist offers its expertise: like pebbles in a fairy tale, he may indicate a direction between the lost meanings and those un-expressible knowledges which sometimes we are not aware of; he can help to mark the punctuation of the person's own story; he can support a deepening path of re-discovery of inner world and desires.
"... you can't connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking backwards ... the dots will somehow connect in your future … believing that the dots will connect down the road will give you the confidence to follow your heart, even when it leads you off the well worn path ..." (Steve Jobs, Stanford commencement speech, 2005)
Since ten years, I offer care-work psychological support to adults, couples (also multilingual), women victims of violence, persons with disabilities and parents of children with disabilities.

The path toward own inner world is never easy, as it got its structure all along our life, and it is often linked to previous experiences, derived from the family environment, from the contexts in which a person grew up, from the way in which we face all the different situations that life offers us.

The proposed methodology does not include cognitive-behavioral techniques; it does not require any strict interpretation; it does not work on the symptoms, which are considered as the language and the grammar around which a person structured its deeper inner world and functions.

the wind dances and unifies / follow by with closed eyes means flying / only who knows how to fly / is truly ready for a yourney (Castro Leccese, IT 2012)

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes  (Marcel Proust, À la recherche du temps perdu)

An individual psychological support begins with a first explorative meeting, free of charge, which is needed to both participants to "feel" if it will be possible to work together. During this first moment, the procedures and rules are agreed to ensure fairness, transparency and clarity, as well as to protect the quality of the relation of care.
The basic respect for the autonomy and freedom of each person allows to define the duration of the work, which can last from few months to some years.

Each single person is the only one to know how to approach their unique and special ways of dealing with shortcomings and desires, to learn to feel their own body and mean the hidden languages of emotions, affections, feelings, deeper meanings and values of life.


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