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Multipolis Laboratory “kids are allright” @ Fioccardo Kindergarten

During May and June 2014, I used Multipolis as the basis for developing & running an English laboratory for children attending their last year of the Fioccardo kindergarten.   The laboratory was addressed to 5 years-old children, including some with sensorial disabilities.  The Multipolis laboratory aimed to support the children in approaching to a basic English through a collective experience of fun & play-time.

Results & outputs of Multipolis workshops “Social networking strategies & methodology in the relation of care”

Some Multipolis group-work & training sessions took place with the social workers during July 2014. It was organised & hosted by Cefap Training Centre in Codroipo (Udine) & funded by ESF Regional initiatives.   The group-work sessions have been structured focusing on the alternation of role-play, the vision of cartoons, extracts of tv-series/movie, & moments of discussions & collective debates, favouring a path of “self and mutual discovery & recovery”.