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Multipolis laboratory for the project “Pari e impari, equal & diverse become peers & learn”, in elementary school

I developed the project “Pari e impari, equal & diverse to become peers & learn” together with the association Onda Urbana. The project has been funded under the European Structural Funds by the Piedmont Region with the "Programme to disseminate the culture of equal opportunities & the principle of non-discrimination within the educational system".

GSWB International conference on homelessness in Warsaw (26-27 March 2014)

I have been invited to contribute with a workshop to the GSWB International conference that will take place in Warsaw on 26-27 March 2014.The conference is focused on homelessness and housing exclusion under the motto: “Anyone has the right to say: I’m going home!”.

Fiadda piemonte supports the project Torino + cultura accessibile (more accessible culture)

Fiadda Piemonte supports the project Torino + Cultura Accessibile (more accessible culture), created & coordinated by Carlo Molo Foundation. The project aims to assure a real access to culture & events for people with sensory disabilities, in particular to theater and film. The project promotes a series of initiatives aiming to promote the use of culture as a means of social inclusion & active citizenshipby improving the quality of life.