Multipolis laboratory for the project “Pari e impari, equal & diverse become peers & learn”, in elementary school

I developed the project “Pari e impari, equal & diverse to become peers & learn” together with the association Onda Urbana. 
The project has been funded under the European Structural Funds by the Piedmont Region with the "Programme to disseminate the culture of equal opportunities & the principle of non-discrimination within the educational system".
The project identifies the active participation, the exchange & the mashing-up between diversity as the cornerstones to build a community-based educational environment.
The pupils & students represent the target & originated 2 groups on the base of their age (7 to 10; 14 to 17).  
Both groups have been supported by educators, social workers & two psychotherapists all along the process of sharing:
  •  the magic of narrations & symbolic role-play for pupils
  •  the creativity of theatre for teenagers
Th outputs of the pupils group-work sessions became the starting point for the teenagers group works. Each groups participated to 6 laboratories, which were focused to meet all the 6 ESF priorities:  
  1. ethnic origins & nationalities → lab: a journey through the world flags
  2. religion & individual beliefs → lab: religion served on a plate
  3. gender → lab: reversal of roles in teather
  4. disability → lab: diverse & equal
  5. difference of age → lab: stories from the eldest and the youngsters
  6. love, feelings & sexual orientation → Multipolis lab: I love you beyond any reasonable doubt
In the last lab, Multipolis has been used in a revisited & adapted version to meet the needs and the capacity of the young participants.
The project will design 2 educational kits, with a complete explanation of the methodology, praxis & results, in order to favour a wider diffusion & transferability towards other schools & educational centres.  
The 2 educational kits will be available asap in a forthcoming post under the Creative Commons license.
A special thanks to the psychoterapists Claudia Guidi & Barbara Pagotto, to the teachers of the Elementary School & the Primary Institute, to all the participants to the labs, to Melina, Arianna & to all the staff at Onda Urbana ngo, TanaLiberaTutti, Bazura, Stazione24 & Cerchio di gesso


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