GSWB International conference on homelessness in Warsaw (26-27 March 2014)

I have been invited to contribute with a workshop to the GSWB International conference that will take place in Warsaw on 26-27 March 2014. The conference is focused on homelessness and housing exclusion under the motto: “Anyone has the right to say: I’m going home!”.
The current social & economic situation reveals the size of negative changes which are taking place: the growing number of unemployed individuals, the increasing poverty both between vocationally active & elderly people, all within the increasing cost of living.
Researchers of homelessness have indicated the need to develop strategies aimed at providing assistance to the homeless but mostly leading to counteract.
The situation of homelessness & housing exclusion in Poland & Eu, the forthcoming changes of social policy aimed at assistance provision to vulnerable groups will be discussed towards 2 days & 3 thematic workshops:
  • a- Homelessness: strategies & programmes to solve the problem
  • b- cross-sectorial cooperation to tackle homelessness
  • c- housing model & tackling homelessness, to which I have been invited to contribute
The conference is co-funded by the ESF programme.
Both the abstract & other materials will be available asap on forthcoming posts.
Available docs:
    1. How does it work? An overview of the social clause in public procurements in Italy (2013 article)
    2. State of the art: a brief introduction to social economy in Italy (2011 article)
    3. Standards in social work of service with people experiencing homelessness (2011 abstract & ppt presentation)
    4. Quality standards in the perspective of social services for homeless people (2011 abstract)
      Save the date: 26-27 March in Warsaw
      contact, info & registration in Polish: website & Facebook


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