the care of the care givers: the experience of parenting a deaf/disable child

The act of giving care, of caring is a substantial aspect of parenting. It is even more substancial when the child is deaf, or disabled. This is the reason behind th activation of a dedicated group of care for the care givers to support the experience of parenting a deaf or disable child.
The discovery of disability of a child pushs parents to pass through moments of great delicacy, where the discovery of the implications of becoming a parent get forced by the emotional storm related to the diagnosis, prognosis & definition of an unexpected future.The group's work is intended to deepen the personal dimensions in a shared & protected environment, between parents who are among their peers, with the guarantee of transparency & balance ensured by the conductors. The group aims are of becoming a path to awareness & personal insights to the participants, who have the opportunity to share their emotions, fears & thoughts about the experience of parenting a disable child.The group offers the opportunity to explore the parenting skills of participants, to share & confront them on macro-issues that are usually involved in the way that parents perceive & elaborate (or don't) the disability of their child, such as:
  • the external context, the time of diagnosis & the contact with the medical universe
  • the relations with the outside world: family, friends, acquaintances
  • the inter-familiar dynamics & the relationship between brothers & sistersthe effects on the couple
  • what remains of the intimate & internal individual space
The group allows parents to meet themselves physically, to exchange & share thoughts, reflections, experiences that participants bring to the group as a freely opencontribution. As a parent once said during a group-session, "... it is important to leave a note to those who are facing, or will face the same problems, knowing that others know what you're talking about make you feel less alone ... "
The group work will refer to a dimension of being together in which the participants will open the doors of a "possible challenge", a personal intimate space where dialogue & emotional sharing is possible. 

How to participate
Even if it is not so probable that there will be participant from outside Torino, still these are the ways to participate.
In case you are interested, but don't live close, you can build up your own group, & contact us to develop some intesive sessions together.
The group will be activated starting from a minimum of 4 participants. In case of more than ten participants, new groups will be activated.To registration, please send an email with the subject "group parents deaf/disable children" to with the following information: full name, email & phone contact.
You will be contacted as soon as possible to receive the first practical advice, together with our consent form, necessary to enter in the group. 
Frequency: sessions will be held on a monthly basis & will last two hours each. As the alternation of the partners in participation would create discontinuity in the speech of the group, this will not be permitted. The participation of both partners to the same group is possible.


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