the care of the care givers: young psychologists

Our care of the care givers progremme involves the activation of a group dedicated to young colleagues & psychologists.The supervision & the continuous deepen of the care dynamics represent a substantial moment of the training and continuous improvement to balance professional and humane care of those who chose care as a profession.
We wanted to offer an integrated model, designed to encourage a practice of supervision focuses on the development of the skills of each participant in the group, which will bring its own theoretical model: the variability of approaches contributes to the wealth of conduction. 
Each member of the group will propose a casestudy & experience the conduction according to own specific approach. This supervision model refers to the practice of Intervision as we practice it since 2002. 
The group-work moves from the methodology of intervision, a practice of self-management under the principles of empowerment & holistic approach: by comparing the different theorethical approaches it will be possible to compare different models, enhance individual skills, facilitate the exchange, broaden the horizons of meaning of all participants.
 The group will have special focus on transfer dynamics, to discover and deepen the variety, maintaining a constant focus on the theoretical and methodological approaches.

How to participate
Even if it is not much probable that there will be participant from outside Torino, still these are the way to participate.
In case you are interested in our project idea of care, but don't live close, you can build up your own group, & contact us to develop some intesive sessions together.
The group will be activated starting from a minimum of 4 participants. In case of more than ten participants, new groups will be activated.To registration, please send an email with the subject "young psychologists" to with the following information: full name, email & phone contact.
You will be contacted as soon as possible to receive the first practical advice, together with our consent form, necessary to enter in the group. 
Frequency: sessions will be held on a monthly basis & will last two hours each. As the alternation of the partners in participation would create discontinuity in the speech of the group, this will not be permitted. The participation of both partners to the same group is possible.


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