the 3 Multipolis training sessions in Trentino Province are over

the 3 workgroup sessions addressed to professionals operating in the field of mental health are over.
More details of the 3 sessions are available in Italian at Consolida website, together with the complete training agenda:

I want to thank all participants for their contributions, attention, disposability in sharing, & last but not least, for their constance. I would also to thank for their evaluation of the training

  • on a hard level, for signing with almost the maximum points in the
    average valuation for the index “coherence with professional profile”, “degree of utility & transferability to daily activities”, “quality of the training”
  • on a soft level, as shown in the graphical synthesis of the qualitative evaluation from participants

All materials are available on ConSolida website in free download, as they are licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0 unported


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