Generativity workshop at FEANTSA European conference

On may 18 Generativity project has been presented at the FEANTSA European conference in Gdansk (PL). The participants were conducted to the discovering of the basic principles of project cycle management.
The Project Cycle Management is an approach to manage multiple projects or programs and to improve the quality of projects by learning from one project and applying the lessons in the following ones.
To get familiar with its principles, the participants were asked to remember their younger time, and to work in sub-group to answer the question "how to make a party when you were 16?". Participants were guided to the creation of a fictitious planning which passed through all the pcm phases: definition of the purposes for the party (background analysis and programming); invitation (creation of the partnership and identification); planning (preparation and formulation); cost evaluation (cost/benefit analysis, financing and budgeting); the party itself (implementation); evaluation of the impact after a given period (evaluation).
This role play allow participants to familiarize with PCM and with the Generativity project in all its major aspects, including the ict platform already available, the training modules which will soon tested in Greece, the possibilities and facilities offered to the web-users, and the indication on how to collaborate and contact the project partners. More info on the project:


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