i Dig Stories: digital story telling to regain dignity & make history

i Dig Stories aims to merge the new digital educational tools with the amusement for the discovery of the emotional & creative groups dynamics, which allow the participants to emerge from their condition of social invisibility.
We truly believe that giving back dignity to individuals is a basic & substancial step to build up any possible pathway to social changes & inclusion.

We chose Digital StoryTelling (DST) as the tool to cover these needs & succeed our aims.
  • what is DST? it refers to a short form of digital film-making that allows everyday people to share aspects of their life story
  • is DST innovative? it is a "relatively" new: it is when ordinary people uses digital tools to tell their personal ‘story’, presented in compelling & emotionally engaging formats; it is "simply" a process where participants develop their paths of recovery from their invisibility to make history; DST helps to restore dignity & visibility to what is in the shadows; "simply" it is done in groups using digital technologies
  • is DST a method? it happens many times to hear people using method over almost everything. We are very concern on the difference between theory, methodology & tools; that's why we are writing the methodological guide. So far we can start to say that DST is a process in which diverse people share their life story & creative imaginings with others, taking an active role in learning, rather than passively receiving information; becoming creators, producers, editors, evaluators & knowledge inter-actors
  • so DST ... what? DST is what we chose to allow participants to make history out of their stories
To know more about DST & our project, you can 


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