new "i dig stories" videos available: My watch, Rolling with the punches, My dream workplace, My fear of Flying

The new videos from the project "i dig stories" are available.

As usual on each new Monday, also in the last three weeks, three new videos have been published on the project website, & on the various dedicated social (Facebook, LinkedIn, google+). 
These are the new videos:
  • My watch: created by Graziella Bonaguidi, the video tells the story of warm and precious familiar memories. It is a story on the big importance of small objects. A story on the value of intimacy of memories, on the warm sense of belonging and of transgenerational emotional connection with our beloved ones.
  • Rolling with the punches: created by Jason Ward, the video tells the story of drama, recovery & joy. A story on what might go wrong in life, and on the power of recovery. It is a story on the strength arising from the magic of a newborn, on how love can transform even the hardest time into moments of sweetness, smiling recovery and joy.
  • My dream workplace: created by Lukasz Klapa, the video tells the story of the different perspective that work might take. A story on what is really important within a professional career: warm and caring colleagues, carefulness, share, values, reciprocity, mutual attention and friendship.
  • My fear of Flyingthe video was made by Malgorzata Miklosz, & tells the story on the fear of flying. On how it might arise, on the serious effect and high psychological costs it might have on our daily life. It is a story on how to cope with it, on how to overcome own fears, because beside fear, each individual can find its way to be brave and enjoy the life.
To favor a real accessibility for all, all video are available with English subtitles which can be selected directly by the viewer at bottom right of the video.

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