Video out now: welcome to the realm of Digital Story Telling

Everyone from the iDigStories staff is proud to launch the first one of the videos produced in our project.
The video represents an introduction & welcome to the Digital Story Telling methodology of work. It is a meta-narration that will accompany the viewers in the magical realm of Digital Story Telling, as we directly experienced and learnt during the Join-Staff-Training-Event that took place in Budapest in early April 2016.
The video is available on the project dedicated youtube channel here.
From today onward, and until the end of June, every single Monday a new video will be published on the project website to take the viewers in a magical journey through Digital Story Telling praxis.

Meanwhile, we are working to write & finalize the methodological guide to DST, that will be translated into all project languages and be available on the project website.

The methodological guide, just as all the videos produced and published from now on are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 to favor a free and horizontal share.
All the videos are subtitled in english to favor the share and accessibility also to individuals with hear impairment.

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