tips to do it right with social economy

During last months I have participated as an external expert in the project of international cooperation "Local Economy Development Towards Integrated Support & Inclusion of Unemployed in the Cyclades Prefecture."
The project was developed by KEA Centre for Research & Development of the Municipality of Syros in the Cyclades. For those who want more information, & know the greek, you can visit the project site. 
My contribution was focused to develop a critical analysis to deepen & disseminate the practices of the social economy, by investigating the historical heritage of social economy, its basic glossary, & by identifying a number of practices that might be relevant both in terms of "good practices", & of "good bad example". The aim was to combine attention towards the acquisition & transfer of skills & of responsibility in terms of the "do more" as well as in that of "do not"
After a first part dedicated to the research, analysis & writing, it followed by a second phase of exchange: the study visit of the Greek delegation hosted in the City of Collegno, & my participation to the dissemination event with an open seminar in the Cyclades.
In agreement with my Greek colleagues, & in congruence with the sense of the project, the outputs "Tips to do it right: an historical, legislative and practical overview on social economy in Italy" are disposable here both as:

This outputs, just as all my other publications, are registered under Creative Commons Attribution - Share Alike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Jasu Nikos, & all my colleagues & friends in Greece.


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