the state of the art on where supervisions lead me
It is one of those points which are deep fixed in my attitude & opinion: to foster visibility to all those services, teams, educators and professionals with whom I work around Italy.
So I decided to create a map where my supervisions & group-work sessions have different colours so to differenciate them between the active (in green), those temporarily suspended (in yellow ocher) & the concluded (in red).

The different shades of green indicate those services which are mutually consistent; the shades also differentiate & homogenize the group-work sessions by the field of intervent: street work & territorial educational services; support to children at risk & victims of violence; reintegration for former inmates; street-work units for homeless, Roma, refugees & asylum seekers; day-care centers; shelthers & community centers; residential, semi-residential & housing facilities; support for disable individuals & for persons with psychiatric diagnosis.
All these various services are run by marvellous professionals gathered in different teams who have something in common: the passion for the work, the commitment to offer paths to recovery, the will to share.
Waiting for the map with the training sessions and the collaboration around Europe, here is the one with the state of the art on where supervisions lead me: click on the map to see the details.

The various locations of the group-work sessions design a resulting map which reminds curiously an almost autumnal carpet.

My deep thanks go to all those amazing people I meet in my work, for all that is exchanged & shared.

to all of you, before we will meet next time, i wish you all the best


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