stories of the street

1991 Berlin
Sometimes we forget the importance of the passions, the relevance & significations of all the parts of a story (both individual & collective) that recall, certify & renew the existence.
I have in mind the project "stories of the street" since many years. It has been an idea before being a project.
The idea is simple: to combine photography with memories of places I individually visited; pieces of collective stories, & history; a predisposition to curiosity; a will to share the wisdom arising from the road; a tribute to Leonard Cohen, who intensely remind me of my years (& of my 20s) in Berlin at the beginning of the 90s. 
"Stories of the Street" is all these, beginning from the name, which collects & means everything, & beyond.
Stories of the street is the title of a song written by Leonard Cohen in 1967. It's a work of art, & poetry.
1998 Berlin
Stories of the street is a way to signify the travelling experience, where the journey is immensely more significant than the destinations.
Stories of the street are: the writings, the drawns, the stencils, the signs left by the passing world through the streets; the universe gathered & hosted by the streets, with the hidden wisdom & truths which are all around us, & which curiosity & the case may let appear.
In 1877 Robert Louis Stevenson wrote in his essay Apology for Idlers:
if a lad does not learn in the streets, it is because he has no faculty of learning
1990 Berlin
Stories of the street_brusapaolo is now an instagram account where I share pictures since the early 90s in Berlin on. These are photos taken in the streets that I had, & still have, the luck to walk through. It is a tribute to the people living there; to all the persons that I met; a way to share the gift that I received.
All photos are under Creative Commons By-Sa


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