Healthiness workshop - day 4: all day final section on digital storytelling

The last day of the Healthnic workshop saw an all-day final working session where participants developed their Digital Storytelling videos on the values, meanings and possibilities offered by setting food and healthy diet as a common ground to facilitate mutual recognition, respect, dignity and integration.

Participants started with a sharing session on the lessons-learnt during the previous days, focusing on the individual competences and awareness around food, pleasure in learning, cooking and tasting new recipes, self-n-mutual recognition as part of community made of human, each with its personal stories, values, tradition, preferred flavors and memories.
After some group-work sessions, up to five Digital Storytelling videos have been created, and later the first one which has been finalized was presented in the very final moments of the day. All the videos will be available shortly on the Healthnic platform.
These days have been an intense and moving experience, and with the colleagues from Diciannove I want to deeply thank all the participants for the enthusiasm and the warm feeling of belonging that we shared. Food, health, individual stories allowed us to break all the borders and share a deep and a releasing feel of belonging.
As Virgian Wolf once said "One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well."

If you want to know more about the Healthnic worksop and see the Digital Storytelling videos of the experience, visit the project's platform at and download the guide to learn how to build and run an Healthnic workshop here:


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