Healthnic feeds you up

HEALTHNIC: Healthy and ethnic diet for inclusion” is a project funded under Erasmus+ program where we lead group-work sessions open to migrants, refugees and local vulnerable people. 
Their direct and active involvement as individuals with different cultural backgrounds in activities such as cooking/language/ICT learning opens up a process of mutual empowerment and sharing of experiences, which in itself inspires inclusion. 
We test the format of an inclusive workshop based on such approach during the LTTA meeting in Syros (Greece).
In this occasion, all the participants were trained and supported to elaborate a common group-work structure to be replicated at home on topics related to food culture and healthier eating as a common ground for developing mutual knowledge and raise awareness and human closeness.
Between the group-work session experienced in Syros, a dedicated session was focused on the digital storytelling. The result is a first digital storytelling video which describes the experience of the LTTA seminar and introduce to the philosophy behind Healthnic approach.

watch the video , share the taste of inclusion and enjoy it!


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