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I found a couple of articles from Michele Lancione very impressive on the themes of homelessness; I felt all should read, comments with feedback & debate, so I linked them directly from my AoB page.
Both texts are in English.
Entanglements of faith: discourses, practices of care & homeless people in an Italian city of Saints.

Michele Lancione is a human geographer based at the Department of Geography in Cambridge, but also a talented photographer, a keen researcher on the nature of things, a brilliant writer (both for academical texts & novels). I am sure he is also a magnificent person.
I met Michele in quite a peculiar way, as we actually never met: sometimes individuals can meet without the physical dimensions, although they came from the same city.
The first time I heard about him I was in the far north-east of Italy when a collegue told me about a serious-&-brilliant workshop conductor she met in the far south-west of Italy.
Curious as I am, I visited his blog, watch his pictures, read his works. I found them very inspiring, open-minded, enlightening, methodologically-serious & still brilliant to read.
I think it is really worth reading his works & visiting his blog:

The photos shown in this post have been generously taken from Michele works, & are registered as "MicheleLancione copyleft". I appreacite this approach. Visit his blog, it's worth.


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