The uncanny 2015: a short film on psychoanalysis out of known niche

It is a great pleasure for me to share & promote this little, bright gem.
"Das Heimlich - The Uncanny 2015" is a 6 minutes short film on the theme of psychoanalysis.
It is about psychoanalysis on its everlasting way of being out of the niche.
Exploring the unknown.
Out of usual scheme.
The Uncanny 2015 has been written by Davide Rosso, a young therapist candidate at the Italian Psychoanalytic Society in Milan, & performed by unprofessional actors by "Davide Rosso & friends."
The short film is English with subtitles, & has been directed by Andrea Bocca.
The Uncanny 2015 has been proposed for a working session at the IPA Congress in Boston.
A little bright gem ... enjoy!

You can have a direct contact with Davide Rosso here


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