E=mc2 chapter 23 The socks philosophy

Here is the chapter 23 "The socks philosophy".
During my work with both individuals & groups, I try my best to always follow the suggestions I learnt from my Latin professor: each single word has its own peculiar mean & translation.
My challenge is to transfer & adapt the grammar of care-work to different contexts in order to foster new horizons, new points of view, to originate new projects & open new roads.
A care-giver should be skilled enough & sufficiently aware of its inner-competence to feel free to use them all to meet the person real needs.  The question is not on the ideas in abstract. When the structure is the core, it is all about the net results.
During training or supervisions, when I work with individuals, couples, families or groups, I use to clarify that if socks are a reason good enough to make one's day, then we should consider all the rest with the deserved attention. Every single aspect of every single day in every single life is always significant, valuable, worth, dignified. Just as every single living thing, individuals-in-need deserve attention.  
They deserve the recognition of dignity & importance at least twice as much as we do when we choose our socks. They are human-beings who deserves respect & dignity in a community-based environment. Because they are. Because of their essence. 
Because a socks-philosophy is always better than a philosophy that “socks”.

Chapter 24 "Net positions" will be available within a couple of days at most.
As part of the entire working paper, this chapter is as well available in free download under Creative Commons BY-NC-ND (Attribution, Noncommercial, No Derivative).


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