AoB new page & new materials

As promised, a new page with new materials is now available on the blog.
There is always an “AoB” as the last point in every serious agenda. It contains those topics that were not included in the previous items, which are highlighted, inspired & generated in the course of work.
There are many things that attract me for their beauty: between others, the fruit in a basket, the spice markets, the sweets hidden in the darkness of a shop, the shells on a beach, a field of flowers, & many more...
The AoB page is intended to offer evidence to various materials which I find impressive, & which I consider worth sharing with a wider audience. The AoB page offers:
  • thesis, essays, reports which I received &/or find on my way
  • pictures & comments on group-work sessions
  • collateral projects
  • photo-galleries & videos
Like everything on this blog, & unless otherwise specified, all the available materials are registered with Creative Commons (by cc nc) license, to favor the dissemination and exchange of experiences


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