E=mc2 chapter 25 Conclusions & principles

Here it is the chapter 25 "Conclusions & principles".
Even if I did it using the history of physics as a metaphor, actually there is no real need to prove with numbers & facts what reality is dramatically displaying in front of everyone since the time of our ancestors: the reciprocal connections between the essential quality of life of a person; the individual structure; the balance between body, soul, mind & inner world; the context & the physical place one lives in, the responsibility of the context on achieving general results.
Each person is part of the context. It implies the importance of each singular way of unconsciously handling the grammar of desire. 
There is no absolute grammar that might be taken as valid for all, but every one can contribute to discover its own instead.
Working with individuals & groups allows to be in touch with some of these grammars, with some of its phrases, which all together draw interesting speeches.
I must reveal that I don't know if all the words I put in this paper make a complete sense or not.  
What I know is that to me they sounds as an easy way to define a complex issue as fostering the grammar of desire within the offer of care-work to individuals with disabilities, victims of violence, experiencing severe condition of social deprivation, poverty & homelessness, & human in general.Why being sorry then? The approach is correct. People comes first.

Chapter 26 "Bibliography & web" will be available within a couple of days at most.
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