E=mc2 chapter 11 On reciprocity

Here is the chapter 11 "On reciprocity".
The reciprocity is one of those magical terms which are self-meaning, but also which are mostly misconceived.
As I am interested to explore the magic of the relational dynamics, any magical word is surely welcomed. 
In general term, the idea of reciprocity refers to a mutual exchange, leading to a mutual benefit. So far, this definition is just a basic principle of any economical trade. I admit I am not able to find any magic in this sense. The magic lays in other elucidations from different points of view, such as in grammar, in Latin, in geometry, in mathematics, and, of course, in physics ...
Chapter 12 "Nothing is absolute, but certain" will be available within a couple of days at most.
As part of the entire working paper, this chapter is as well available in free download under Creative Commons BY-NC-ND (Attribution, Noncommercial, No Derivative).


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