E=mc2 chapter 21 Innovative back in the 90s

Here is the chapter 21 "Innovative back in the 90s"
When the fostered “bright-new” looks amazingly retro, one might search for real innovation at a deeper level. In the inner world. New reflections might sound useful. If not innovative in some degrees. To find something innovative, sometimes it is worth looking backward in history.
I witnessed some praxis back in the 90s, when the Municipality of Turin invested in social policies for people experiencing homelessness. The vision was to offer a wealthy environment for the person in need, in order to free energy in being supportive for the inner world & allowing a progressive taking of responsibility by the person itself. Each actor had to be responsible of its own. Valid for institutions. Valid for individuals-in-need. Valid for third sector. Even in the 90s, it was innovative only by given means, as the crucial point is how the term “innovation” is intended.
Back at that time, we were not interested in being innovative, as there were no interest in consensus, but only in doing something valid, & evidence-based. As Thomas Frank underlined
«…what determines creativity (& innovation) is the very faction it is supposedly rebelling against: established expertise…» ...

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